Taylor Creasy

My last cheerleader that I want to talk about, is Taylor. I’m going to miss all of these girls by the way. There is an awesome group of Senior Cheerleaders again this year and I hope I get to work with all of them. Maybe that will help me get over missing the girls from last year.

Working with Taylor was a lot of fun. She has an infectious enthusiasm that spreads quickly. She’s incredibly beautiful when she dresses up but when we see her, she’s usually in a uniform or outdoor gear. It often catches me off guard when I see her in settings like the beauty pageant, which she did very well in by the way, or before the prom. I get so used to seeing her in competitive situations, when I see her in those other situations, its always a “Wow” moment for me.

_DX_5065We shot in the woods, near the water, on the field and in the studio. She was pretty much game for whatever we wanted to do. The first shoot was in a venue that allowed us to show her outdoor side. Taylor loves hiking and being outside so it seemed like the perfect place to start. Good news: Perfect setting for Taylor and she looked great… Bad news: 137° Temperature and 318% Humidity…. But she was awesome even in the heat. I guess all of those hours in the sun and the hot cheer shop had her more conditioned for it than we were. She started the shoot in an orange dress that was a perfect contrast the the greens and browns of the mossy rocks and natural hues. The shots below are some of my favorites from that shoot.

Next we shot one evening at the football field. Emma and Taylor both wanted to shoot a few things and they brought Haleigh Brewer along with them for help. We LOVE Haleigh so that was a special treat for us. Haleigh has a smile that spreads to everyone around her so we always like having her around and we’re really looking forward to her cheering again this year. They did some jumps and a few other things that turned out great but the shot at the top of the page is one of my favorite shots of the whole year. How does anyone get their hair to look that good in mid-air?


Taylor Studio Session-081-EditIn our last shoot, I wanted to move into the studio. I wanted to shoot her in the cheer and softball uniforms but I wanted to control the enviroment so that we could really showcase her beauty as well. The shots below are from that shoot. We had a great time in the studio. It was probably my favorite session.

It goes without saying that we’ll miss Taylor and the signs each week during football season. but with her great work ethic, talent and drive, something tells me, we’ll be hearing from her again.

To more of her senior photos, click on the links below.

God Bless,


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