Danna Brewer


One of those girls that was at the top of our list of hopefuls to work with this year was Danna. During the year, she’s become pretty special to Val and me and I have to admit, we’ve become pretty “stinkin” attached to her. We’re really, really, going to miss having her around.

_DX_3036Danna is one of the most beautiful young women we know and we describe her as a classic beauty. By that I mean she’s the type of young women that would have been beautiful 100 years ago, she’s georgeous now and will still be considered beautiful 100 years in the future. Mix that sort of pretty with her compassion, and almost fiery drive, and it’s hard to imagine any type of scenario where she won’t be successful.

There is such a range in Danna. We’ve seen the Danna who lays it all out on the basketball court, the Danna who is so compassionate with her friends when they need her, and the softer side of Danna during those quiet “in-between” moments. I think it’s that “completeness” that gives her such a special quality and character and draws people to her.

The first shoot of the year was at an old house that had been in her family and it was the perfect setting for Danna’s “Southern Beauty” as we call it. She had some awesome boots and a couple of outfits that really helped showcase her style. To me, the outfit couldn’t describe Danna any better.  The “Country” of the cowboy boots, along with the awesome white dress, and the antique chair & old house, was a perfect description of her. Beautiful, Southern, Respectful.

The adjacent shots are a few from that first session. We had a great time in the shoot and were really happy with the photos from that day.


The next shoot was one in the studio that we shot a few outfits as well as her Drape and cap and gown. I loved this session because of my ability to control the setting since it was in the studio. Danna’s eyes are beautiful and this gave me the opportunity to try and do them justice with good lighting.

Danna Studio Session-097-Edit

The next session was in the creek and on an old dirt road. Danna in the creek with her boots and dress were once again incredible. I love her reflection in the water at the creek. Val and I are suckers for reflections. From there we flew to find a spot on a old dirt road at sunset and came upon this winding section of road near Waterloo. As you can see in these photos, once again, she’s awesome and still has that Southern Charm.

_DX_3178-Edit_DX_3305-EditWe still have one shoot coming that we’ve had planned the whole year but haven’t been able to get yet due to schedules and mother nature but I’m determined to get it and I’ll probably write a blog on that shoot alone when it happens so stay tuned for that.

I’m going to miss Danna, she was one of the ones I went to when I needed help putting something together or getting help from the seniors. There is just something special about her that’s hard for me to put into words. Not a lot of girls can take a charge on the basketball court, encourage a friend who’s down, get a personal foul in the Powder-Puff football game and still look incredible in boots and jeans like she can. Hopefully we’ll get to see her at UNA because we’re really going to miss her.

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