Shelby Rhodes

_DX_6095There are a few people that everyone has pass through their lives that no matter how short the time is, they seem to leave a lifelong impression. Shelby is one of those people. To me, she is the perfect expression of the modern Southern Belle. Not just pretty, but a “Southern Pretty” is probably the first thing anyone notices, but after spending a some time with her this year, we’ve seen so much more than what meets the eye. Besides the obvious beauty, there is a huge heart which is always evident to me in the love she shows for her little sister, family and her friends. There is also a talented dancer there. I loved watching and photographing her this year during the halftime performances. Definately a southern belle and you can look to her mother to see where she gets it from.

The first shoot that we did was at her Great-Grandparents old vintage leather shop. She wanted to shoot there as a sort of tribute to her family and it was a very touching shoot. We shot in and around the leather shop and the old barn as well. Doesn’t matter where you put Shelby, the photo will always look great. Below is a couple of photos from that first shoot. Val and I were both touched by this shoot and Shelby wanting to honor her family.


_DX_6048The next shoot was at a creek on their property at daylight. Yes, that’s right, daylight. Not many girls are willing to get up before the sun, get ready and then get into a creek and let you take pictures of them. But she was! God supplied us with awesome light and a perfect setting, Shelby supplied us with the “Pretty” and the shoot was one of the best I’ve ever been involved in. Her mother, little sister, and Tank, her dog were all there as well. Every shot from this session is my favorite but here are a few of those. Nobody can rock a hat like Shelby.

One of my favorite shots from the entire year is this one from that session. It’s the photo at the top of this post. As a photographer, I don’t know that I could have ever been presented with a better opportunity for a great shot than this. I loved that shot then and it has remained one of my favorites all year. It’s hanging in the studio now and probably always will be.

We had a couple more shoots during the year and below are a few from those shoots. Each of the shots tells a story and has meaning to her and her family. The flag and tank pay homage to her family members who have served, and the houndstooth hat honors another.


I know I’ve said it before but it really was special for Val and me to get to work with Shelby and we’re thankful for that time with her. We’ll miss her dancing at halftime shows during the football games and seeing her at the different events. Our time with her was truly special.

_DX_5445 _DX_6181

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