About Us


Val and I  both love shooting both Sports and Nature photography as well as some portraiture, especially athletes.  If you ask us which we enjoy the most, we’ll usually answer by saying whichever one we’re doing at the time. Val and I have both worked as Graphic Artists and pre-press techs with a combined experience of about 50 years and it’s safe to say that we “Love” imagery.  A good image is something that we’ve always appreciated and still get pretty excited about.

Since we’ve been shooting wildlife and sports photography over the last few years, we been blessed to have both become award winning photographers and have had many of our images published including several as covers for different publications.  We travel around the Southeastern US speaking about our passions and conduct workshops for both photography and Photoshop.

We maintain state of the art equipment and techniques. We utilizing Canon 1DX, 1D Mk IV, and 7D bodies along with Canon Supertelephotos Ranging from the newest Canon EF 600mm F/4 IS II to the EF400mm f/2.8 IS and EF 300mm f/2.8 IS as well as other wide format, medium telephoto and fast portraiture lenses. We both come from creative backgrounds and are both a little “Techy”.  I really enjoy leveraging the latest and best equipment to help me get the shot that may not be possible otherwise.

Since we both have a long career in professional commercial printing, and are sticklers for print quality, we have recently  purchased Canon’s latest high-end large format printer.  This allows us complete control over the entire process from the planning of the shoot until the final print comes off of the printer. We can’t deliver excuses, so we’ve taken control of the entire process, start to finish.

We’re also in the process of securing some venues here in the shoals area to conduct some of the workshops that we’ve been doing elsewhere.  Check back to this site or friend us on Facebook if you’re interested in attending or would like us to speak to your group.

If there’s something we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.  We’re both easy-going and love being around people.

God Bless,
Joe and Val

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