Senior Portraits

Bailey SS1 Thanks for your interest in our senior portraiture.  We’re always humbled when people are interested in our images.  We love what we do, as well as sharing our excitement with others. We specialize in athletic and performance portraiture.  We work with athletes of all sports including cheerleading, which I believe may be the most challenging of all sports. We also work with band and other musicians, majorettes, dance and flags.  What we do is a little different than a lot of other photographers. I don’t mean to brag and say that I think we’re better than other photographers,  just different.  Our intention is to shoot a smaller number of people, so that we are able to spend more time with each person, observing the young people and planning shoots that reflect their true personality. We spend a lot of time photographing seniors during the year as they compete and perform in different games and events, so we tend to develop a pretty strong bond with them.  We become emotionally invested in their victories and share their pain in the losses and setbacks.  By watching and photographing these moments, I believe it gives us special insight and inspiration into who they really are and how best to portray that in a photograph. We do our best to be at as many of their events as possible and document what we can in photos. We use these times to develop notes and plan shoots that I think are unique to those individuals. In some cases, I get to see the athlete for several years before they’re seniors.  I hate to say it but I have a few kids that are in Middle School and even a couple in elementary that I’m hoping that we get to work with when they’re seniors.  In fact, I already have notes on them….. _dx_9298   Our sessions for the young women are very similar to a fashion or commercial type of shoot. We work hard to make sure everyone is comfortable and has fun…. A lot of fun…  Hair and make-up is available, if so desired, family and friends are welcome. I can truly say we’ve loved every shoot we’ve done so far. I encourage you to bring as many outfits as you want because you never know what may develop or where we’ll end up during one of our shoots. There are no restrictions, within reason, on where we shoot.  In fact, we’re putting together some pretty unique shoots now in some locations that should be incredible for some of the young men and women that we’ve committed to so far. For young men, the shoots tend to be a mix of a commercial shoot, similar to a Sport Illustrated feature or an Under Armour ad with a little bit of fashion mixed in.  I enjoy the challenges of getting the unique, harder to capture shots and will do whatever we need to in order to get those shots that truly capture the soul of the person. Again, there are no restrictions, within reason, on where we shoot.  We shoot a lot of wildlife also, so out of the way locations are a lot of fun for us. Because of the amount of planning and work that we do for each person, we’re very limited in the number of seniors that we can commit to.  We’re blessed to have already filled about half of the number that we can do.  So if you’re interested in working with us, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can not only hold a spot for you, but also, so that I can start to brainstorm and plan the shoots. There are several seniors that I’ve wanted to work with that have already committed, but there are still others that we’ve watched for a few years and are hoping to work with as well.  I believe the planning and preparation is the most important part of our process.   _dx_6296 This year Val and I have decided to break-up everything into 3 different options.  I won’t lie, We enjoy these young men and women, so much that we’d honestly like to do it for free… but the equipment is expensive and unfortunately, we all have bills to pay…

Package 1: $250 ($100 Print/Media Credit included):.  This package consists of a single session, usually two hours or so depending on the light.  I’m not a stickler for keeping up with time in a single session.  We’re usually all excited, having fun, and I’m usually the one who wants to keep shooting until everything is just right.  Usually this session lasts 2-3 hours or so, there are no other limitations with this package. As many locations, changes or poses as we can get done in that time. You may upgrade to one of the other packages at any time.

Package 2: $400 ($150 Print/Media Credit included): This package usually consists of 2, 2-3 hour sessions or a long afternoon (4-5 hours).  No limit on locations, outfits or poses. You may also upgrade to package 3 at any time.

Package 3: $600 ($200 Print/Media Credit included): This is what I think of as our “Adoption” package and the one I prefer to do.  It includes multiple shoots throughout the year as good photo opportunities arise. It also includes a CD at the end of the year with any action photos that we may have taken during the year. I also don’t mind shooting any other photos you might need, such as yearbook or cap and gown photos if scheduling permits. Our Friday night High-School and Saturday UNA football schedule for 2014/2015 is already full unless there is an open week or if you have a Thurs/Sat game that works into the schedule, but if your athlete doesn’t play at one of those schools, let us know and I’ll try to make a game or two of theirs if at all possible.  I like to do that anyway as it helps me figure out shots that I think work well for them.  There are still open dates for the other sports.

Package 4: Well there really is no package 4 but if you need something that doesn’t fit into one of these other categories, please ask.  If you want to work with us, we want to work with you.  We’ll figure the rest out later.   All packages include professional retouching.  I’ve been doing professional retouching and color correction for about 25 years now and insist on doing it myself.  I prefer natural skin tones while maintaining texture, and  sharp, well-lit eyes that sparkle and command attention.  We make our own prints on, the highest quality available, Canon professional large format printer. I’m extremely meticulous about my images and prints and would never deliver anything that I’m not proud of.

Nick 1

If you need to contact us with questions, please feel free.  You may send me an email: or call us a 256-627-5217. Thanks again for taking the time to be here.

We appreciate it, God Bless,

Joe and Val

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